Polypropylene bags

Polypropylene bags

Polypropylene bags are packages obtained from polypropylene mixed with various adjuvants, which are meant to increase their quality in terms of filling and distribution networks of the packed product.

The bags are obtained by weaving the PP threads with smoothness between 600-1200 dens, being closed at one end.


Polypropylene bagsPolypropylene bags can be made in a wide range, according to:

  • the type of tubular fabric which can be flat or having lateral folds;
  • the type of opened extremity, which can be opened simple or with a valve;
  • the type of use as a simple bag or as a bag with tubular fabric made from polypropylene or doubled with polyethylene bag


  • Length: 40cm-125cm;
  • Width: 35cm-85cm;
  • Weight: 45-120g/m2;
  • Printing: in up to 4 colours;
  • Cutting mode: straight or zigzag;
  • Coloration: all colours
  • M.U. / Method of packaging: pcs/boxes with 500 or 1000 pcs.


  • Raffia bags are designed for transporting and storing different granular or powdery products, as well as foods and non-foods.